Construction Defects: Litigating Insurance Coverage Claims A-Z

Program Description

Examine the Challenges behind CGL Policy Language

Does a commercial general liability (CGL) policy protect a general contractor against defect claims after the construction project is complete? Courts are split on the issue, and policy language is at the heart of the conflict. Take a closer look at CGL insurance and insurance-related clauses in construction contracts at this insightful course, and be prepared to effectively advise your clients. Register today!

  • Review the roles of contractors, property owners, and developers in construction defect claims.
  • Identify essential contract and subcontract provisions in indemnification.
  • Gain knowledge of the top exclusions in construction defect insurance coverage.
  • Know what essential evidence to gather in order to win a construction defect case.
  • Learn how to effectively negotiate a known loss claim.
  • Understand how to avoid litigation in construction defects and use alternative means to settle cases.

Who Should Attend

This insightful course is designed for attorneys. It might also benefit insurance professionals, construction contractors, real estate professionals, lenders, and paralegals.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of a Construction Defect Claim
  • Indemnification - What You Need to Know
  • Construction Defect Insurance Coverage Issues
  • Experts and Evidence - Keys to "Winning"
  • Negotiation Strategies: "Real-World" Case Studies
  • Practical Litigation Strategies
  • Ethical Considerations

Continuing Education Credit

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