About the Firm

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Lewis Rice

At Lewis Rice, the equation is simple: diverse, qualitative hiring plus bona fide, supportive inclusion equals a successful law firm – and it's something that has been in practice here at the Firm for more than 100 years.

A Diverse History

In 1909, our two founding members, Joseph W. Lewis and Charles M. Rice, recognized that excellent legal work is best fostered when lawyers with differing perspectives and backgrounds collaborate to serve common client goals. They overlooked the traditional Christian/Jewish distinctions within law practices at the time and melded their different religions, discrete educational experiences, unique personality traits, at-odds work habits, and divergent outside interests to form a successful law firm that today boasts more than 150 attorneys.

Guiding Principles

As evidence of the enduring principles that guided the Firm's founders, Lewis Rice is proud to have been one of the first major metropolitan St. Louis law firms (if not the first) to elevate an African American attorney to the rank of full equity partner. Women, too, have long held high-level positions at Lewis Rice. For more than 30 years, women have been represented on the Firm's Management Committee and have chaired Firm departments and committees.

Our Commitment

Lewis Rice has always been, and will continue to be, a firm that values diversity. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive work environment, where individuals are rewarded based on talent and performance, regardless of race, gender, age, handicap, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation. This approach allows us the ability to provide our clients with the most comprehensive legal representation possible. The visionary perspectives upon which our founders built our Firm led to the forward-thinking, stable, and successful law firm we enjoy today.

In November 2017, Lewis Rice proudly received the Corporate Diversity Award from the St. Louis American. This video is courtesy of The St. Louis American.