Attorneys: St. Louis

Hiring Policy & Compensation

Attracting excellent new attorneys is the key to our success and the future of our Firm. We evaluate candidates on an individual basis, giving consideration to a variety of factors including maturity, initiative, ambition and other personal traits; work and other relevant experience; and undergraduate and law school performance. We do not adhere to any rigid standards with respect to grade point average or class rank, although traditionally we have hired attorneys who ranked near the top of their law school classes.

Our associate salaries are competitive with those offered by other major St. Louis law firms. Our salary for new associates is $170,000 per year. In addition, associates are offered a financial incentive/bonus for new business development, as well as a separate financial incentive/bonus based upon productivity and merit after one and one-half years with the Firm. Benefits provided for associates include a 401(k) savings plan; a profit sharing plan; a "cafeteria benefits" plan; health, disability and life insurance; paid vacation; professional dues and parking. We also provide new associates a stipend and the time necessary to prepare for and take the Missouri Bar Examination.

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