Law Students: Kansas City

Program Structure

Summer associates are offered assignments from all disciplines throughout the Firm. Because of its non-departmentalized structure, this allows summer associates to perform a variety of substantive work on current projects. Each summer associate is assigned a supervising attorney who helps in the transition from law school to summer associate as well as monitors the work level of the summer associate and discusses his or her performance on specific projects. Our summer associates are not restricted to library research; instead, summer associates are encouraged to become involved with projects on which they work by attending negotiations, depositions, trials, etc. Several planned social functions assure that summer associates interact with the Firm's attorneys in relaxed settings, allowing a more unstructured opportunity to get to know the Firm's attorneys on a more personal level.

Summer Associate Evaluations

Each assignment is evaluated in writing by the requesting attorney. Those evaluations, together with the mentor's overall review of the summer associate's performance, form the basis by which a summer associate is judged with respect to an offer for future employment. An exit interview with the hiring attorney is held at the conclusion of each summer associate's time with the Firm to discuss both the student's and Firm's aspirations and expectations with respect to future employment.

Law Student Recruitment Contact

Recruiting Committee Chair
Ralph E. Bellar, Jr.
(816) 472-2511