Firm Culture

Lewis Rice encourages an open, collegial environment where our lawyers work hard, and work together. We are committed to providing all associates with a balanced and steady workload. Our objective is to distribute appropriate and challenging work among the associates in each department to keep them productively engaged in client matters and involved in the various types of work handled in the department. Associates are expected to bill a minimum of 1750 hours and 1900 hours are required for participation in our separate financial incentive/bonus program based upon productivity and merit.

Associates are considered for membership in the Firm's limited liability company structure on an individual merit basis. The principal criteria in the membership decision are performance, development and maturity. There is no fixed ratio of members to associates and no limitation on the number of members in the Firm or in any area of practice.

All associates are encouraged to become active in professional, political and community affairs. Many associates have become involved in bar association activities, teaching, authoring articles for professional or lay publications, pro bono representation and other matters of individual interest.