Ronald A. Norwood Discusses the Harvard/UNC Supreme Court Ruling

On Friday, February 23, Ronald A. Norwood, Chair of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, presented a CLE discussing the Harvard/UNC Supreme Court Ruling and how opponents of DEI efforts seek to use that ruling as a justification for dismantling DEI programs adopted by private employers and law firms. Ron published an article in the SLU Law Journal Online that explains why the rationale in the Harvard/UNC Supreme Court ruling should not be applied to law firms and private employers. 

To read the full article, click under "Resources" below. 

Ron represents national and regional banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions in commercial and tort litigation matters. He also represents health insurers, health maintenance organizations, and health care providers in health care litigation disputes and provides counsel to manufacturers in product liability litigation, consumer fraud claims, and disputes arising under the Uniform Commercial Code. Additionally, Ron has represented governmental, quasi-governmental entities, and municipalities in an assortment of litigation matters, has defended various entities in class action lawsuits, and has represented clients in federal investigative and federal criminal matters.