Entrepreneurship & Startup Law

We understand that startups face unique challenges from other businesses, not the least of which is operating on constricted budgets. Likewise, most entrepreneurs know that the odds are against them, but they understand the importance of quality representation to ensure they can weather legal issues as they arise.

Our Experience

The attorneys in our Entrepreneurship & Startup Law Practice Group provide cost-effective representation by identifying and prioritizing key projects. We work efficiently to deliver a multidisciplinary approach to protect assets while laying the foundation for growth and success. Our attorneys have extensive experience in key practice areas such as:

  • Capital structure and funding including crowdsourcing and crowdfunding
  • Employment law
  • Intellectual property
  • Technology licensing and transfer
  • Publishing
  • Insurance
  • E-commerce
  • Taxation

Our technology attorneys are knowledgeable of emerging areas of law and new technologies, and our Firm has represented startups in industries ranging from medical devices to video games to big data mining and analytics.

Our Approach

We know that prevention is the best medicine. Our breadth of knowledge allows us to provide comprehensive counsel and cradle-to-grave representation to help new businesses transform a "back-of-a-napkin" idea into a successful and valuable enterprise. We serve as a legal resource, from entity selection and formation, to equity and control as well as exit planning.