Q & A

What kinds of investigations do you conduct for athletic departments?

I handle full-scale external investigations covering a variety of topics that impact athletic departments, including general personnel matters, sexual harassment, discrimination, hazing and bullying, and compliance infractions, among others. Through the investigation process, I advise these departments on corrective action, risk mitigation, and communication strategies.

How can you assist an educational institution in reclassifying its athletic programs?

I personally oversaw and finalized the successful reclassification from NCAA Division II to Division I as athletic director for one of the largest athletic programs in the United States. I understand the challenges universities and colleges face navigating divisional reclassification. From initial contemplation to acceptance, I guide institutions through the process to ensure they are best positioned for success regardless of their decision to reclassify. I also offer detailed reviews on conference realignment to determine the best fit based on the ever-changing national landscape.

How can you aid universities and colleges in reducing risk and promoting diversity in their athletic programs?

There are several measures we can implement to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusivity of your program. This includes proactive Title IX and gender equity reviews, strengthening overall hiring practices, implementing employee retention strategies, and creating a safe and engaging student-athlete experience.

How do your services help institutions achieve success in a highly competitive market?

I provide customized roadmaps for success by drawing on years of experience crafting strategic plans for colleges and universities of all sizes and funding levels. Whether you are seeking to accomplish a broad objective or focusing on specific needs such as fundraising, marketing, or alumni engagement, I can provide insight into effective practices and legal considerations that will help you reach your goals.

Q. Do you represent universities in all intercollegiate divisions?

I have served many institutions throughout all divisions of the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA, along with athletic conference offices.

Do you represent professional sports teams, too?

Yes. There are some key differences between the services I offer to professional sports teams and collegiate athletic departments. For instance, professional sports teams require more guidance on collective bargaining agreements, labor laws, negotiations involving salaries and endorsements, and antitrust laws, particularly how they influence drafts, salary caps, and league structures. While these needs are unique to professional sports teams, they are similar to some collegiate athletic department requirements such as compliance with NCAA regulations, academic and amateur status prerequisites, and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) laws.

What motivated you to specialize in athletics within your legal career?

Sports have always been a major part of my life. I grew up in the Detroit area playing baseball, golf, soccer, and tennis and have been a lifelong fan of the Lions and the Red Wings. Now that I live in St. Louis, I also root for our local teams, especially St. Louis CITY SC. My affection for the business of sports was shaped during my educational journey at the University of Michigan and Indiana University where I had the opportunity to learn from great minds and experience the exhilaration of being a part of a winning team. This experience played a large part in developing my drive and motivation toward a career in sports. 

How do you give back to the sports community?

I am very active in youth sports throughout the St. Louis region. It is an absolute joy to coach and develop athletes on the field of play. Since I moved to St. Louis, I have also served as a member of the Board of Directors for the St. Louis Sports Commission. The organization’s mission is to attract major sporting events to the region and make St. Louis a better place to live and work through sports. It is an honor to support this important cause.

What do you do in your free time?

I spend all of my free time coaching and watching my own children participate in sports and the arts like soccer, basketball, and dance.