Representative IP Experience

Bob has first-chaired many jury trials and argued many appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. His lawsuits have involved electronic circuits and electrical controls, computer systems and software, telephone systems and software, voting equipment, mining equipment, commercial food preparation equipment, organic and inorganic chemistry, semiconductors, integrated circuit plating baths, life sciences reagents and processes, medical devices, robotics, dental products, financial services, entertainment, LED manufacturing processes and illumination systems, GPS systems, and other manufactured and industrial products.

Bob's representative IP experience follows.

  • Defeated three voting equipment patents and a middle eight-figure demand through summary judgment of non-infringement on one patent and a jury verdict of invalidity on two other patents
  • Substantially defeated four semiconductor patents and reduced a middle eight-figure demand to four figures through summary judgments of invalidity or non-infringement, and a jury verdict
  • Obtained summary judgments of invalidity or noninfringement for a Fortune 500 client against Ronald A. Katz Technology Licensing (RAKTL)
  • Obtained several low to middle eight-figure settlements for various companies owning patents