Meghan S. Largent Holds Meeting for Landowners along Rock Island Railroad Seeking Compensation under Fifth Amendment

On June 25, 2019, Lewis Rice member Meghan S. Largent held a meeting in Belle, Missouri for landowners involved in Abbott v. United States. Nearly 500 landowners along the Rock Island rail line filed suit in federal claims court when Ameren UE, the railroad owner, announced that it plans to sell or donate the land for trail use. Seeking just compensation for the taking of their land under the Fifth Amendment, the landowners have been in limbo since 2015 when the claim was filed.

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Meghan represents landowners nationwide pursuing takings claims against the federal government for the taking of their property without just compensation. She litigates cases in the United States Court of Federal Claims on behalf of those whose property was taken by the federal government pursuant to the National Trails System Act, which authorizes abandoned railroad lines to be converted to public parks. In these rails to trails takings, Meghan focuses on both proving the taking has occurred as well as establishing the value of the property that was taken. Her goal is to obtain compensation from the government for land taken for the public recreational trail.