Emily Bardon contributes to ‘Unpacked: What brands need to know about the FTC’s proposed ban on fake reviews’

Modern Retail interviewed Lewis Rice member Emily Bardon to capture her perspective on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) proposed regulations targeting fake and misleading online reviews. The FTC's proposed regulations aim to help eliminate false and deceptive information from the online marketplace and to increase consumers' confidence in the credibility of reviews. The proposed regulations can be read as complementary to the FTC's endorsement guide, which was recently updated. Read a recent client alert from Lewis Rice on this topic here

Emily said, "[The FTC is] trying to make sure that we're protecting consumers by making sure they've got accurate and complete information when deciding how to spend their money."

False and deceptive reviews have become a challenge as increasing numbers of consumers are spending money online and relying on online reviews to make their purchasing decisions. Emily notes that these new regulations will not only help consumers, but they will also help to level the playing field for companies that actually are putting out high quality products and receiving genuinely favorable reviews.

As we wait for comments on the proposed rules to be received and final regulations to be issued, Emily advises the following with respect to preparing to comply with the new requirements: "It's never too early to start circling the wagons, and come up  with some procedures so that you're ready to go when these new rules come out."

To read the full article, click under "Resources" below. Note that Modern Retail has a paywall. If you have any questions regarding the impact of the FTC’s proposed ban on fake reviews or other applicable advertising laws, please contact one of our Design & Luxury attorneys.