Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Missouri Resources

The links on this page include regulations, waivers and other guidance issued by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and other Missouri agencies affecting health care providers in Missouri in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Waiver Resources

See DHSS Waivers of Laws and Rules for a more complete listing of all waivers related to COVID-19 related to Health Care Providers.

Due to Executive Order 20-19, all waivers have been extended to March 31, 2021

12.10.20 | Missouri Board of Pharmacy COVID-19 Waiver Statement (Some Waivers Extended until March 31, 2020)

11.19.20 | Executive Order 20-19 (extending State of Emergency to 03/31/2021)

4.14.20 | Waivers Related to Residential Care Facilities. Allows individuals who have completed a nurse education program but who have not yet taken the nurse exam to administer certain medications or insulin injections to patients.

4.13.20 | Waiver to Allow Notification of Potential Exposure to COVID-19 for First Responders

4.09.20 | MO HealthNet Cost Reports Public Notice & Order. Suspends 13 CSR 70-10-015(10).5 and .6 to allow the MO HealthNet Division to accept cost reports past the regulatory due date without penalizing a nursing facility provider.

4.06.20 | Waiver Providing Increased Access to Delivery of Health Care by Assistant Physicians and Physician Assistants. These temporary waivers will allow a collaborating physician and physician assistants and/or assistant physicians to practice over 75 miles of one another.

4.03.20 | Waiver of Laws Related to Nurse Assistant Training Program. Various regulations contained in 19 CSR 30-85.010 and Section 198.082.1 and 4 are waived with respect to the Nurse Assistant Training Program, including requirements on the number of required classroom training hours and the number of supervised on-the-job training hours.

4.02.20 | Waiver of Certain Hospital Inspections and Investigations. This describes the temporary suspension of all state licensure inspections and investigations of hospitals, with the exception of those necessary to maintain public health and safety and those considered to be immediate jeopardy situations, during the declared emergency period.

4.02.20 | Waivers Related to Trauma, Stroke and STEMI Designated Hospitals. This waiver suspends Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services designation reviews required for trauma, stroke, and STEMI designated hospitals and allows applications to be sent in after the required time in order to free up hospital resources to respond to COVID-19; other waivers suspend certain other regulatory requirements.

4.01.20 | Waiver Related to APRN Restrictions Amid COVID-19. This waiver allows advanced practice registered nurses and physicians to have increased flexibility to collaborate to meet rising staffing demand.

3.31.20 | Waivers Relating to the Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs. These waivers relate to temporary health care facilities operation, pharmacies dispensing emergency supply of controlled substances, and annual inventory by Missouri controlled substances registrant.

3.27.20 | Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Waiver of Deadline for Hospital Annual Survey Data (new deadline of August 30, 2020).

3.25.20 | State of Missouri Section 1135 Waiver Approval. Section 1135 waiver approvals relate to Provider Enrollment, temporary suspension of Medicaid fee-for-service prior authorization requirements; extension of pre-existing authorizations for which a beneficiary has previously received prior authorization through the end of the public health emergency; provisions of services in alternative settings; temporary delay in scheduling of Medicaid fair hearings and issuance of fair hearings decisions during the emergency period; and certain State Plan Amendment processes.

3.20.20 | Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Waivers of Hospital Licensure Regulations. Hospital licensure regulations are waived with respect to 19 CSR 30-20.015(5) granting six-month extension of any hospital license scheduled to expire during declared emergency period and allowing hospitals to exceed their licensed bed capacity; 19 CSR 30-20-015(2), allowing hospitals to establish alternative screening sites of care in remote locations and place inpatients in non-licensed patient areas; 19 CSR 30-20-030, related to applicable construction standards to all alternative screening and treatment sites; and 19 CSR 30-20-050, to create capacity to treat patients with higher acuities relating to the operation of long-term care units within a hospital and waiving staffing ratio requirements in a designated long-term care unit.

3.18.20 | Missouri Executive Order 20-04. This Order suspends provisions of subsections 1 and 4 of section 344.108, section 191.1146, and 20 CSR 2220-020(11) relating to telemedicine and pharmacology for telemedicine, to allow physicians licensed under Chapter 334, RSMo, to decrease the risk of exposure to both healthcare providers and patients.

Pharmacy Resources

Missouri Board of Pharmacy Guidance and Recommendations

1.04.21 | Emergency Amended Rule 20 CSR 2220-6.040 (Administration by Medical Prescription Order)

12.10.20 | Missouri Board of Pharmacy Emergency COVID-19 Drug Distribution Licensure Exemption

11.18.20 | Missouri Board of Pharmacy Statement on Pharmacy Technicians & HHS Expanded Vaccine Authority

4.30.20 | Missouri Board of Pharmacy Updates on Offices, Inspections, Compounding Waivers, and Pharmacy Technician Renewals

4.13.20 | Missouri Board of Pharmacy Statement on COVID-19 Testing

3.23.20 | Joint Statement From the Missouri State Board of Registration for the Healing Arts and the Missouri Board of Pharmacy. This statement includes recommendations to prevent drug shortages of hydroxychloroquine, choroquine and azithromycin for both prescribers and pharmacies.


2.08.21 | State Launches Missouri COVID-19 Vaccine Navigator

11.30.20 | Initiation of Contact Tracing for School Children

11.30.20 | Congregate Living COVID Reporting Order

11.30.20 | State of Missouri Regional COVID-19 Hospitalized Cases Models

11.24.20 | Governor Parson Announces Launch of New COVID-19 Vaccine Website for Missourians

10.15.20 | Governor Parson Announces Completion of Missouri COVID-19 Vaccine Plan, Submission to CDC

10.06.20 | COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Vaccinators

7.24.20 | $20 Million in CARES Act Funding Authorized for Missouri’s Home and Community Based Services Providers

7.09.20 | Missouri Officials Release CARES Act Funding “Toolkit” for Local Governments

3.25.20 | Blind Pension Public Notice & Order. This preserves a participant’s eligibility and coverage for the Blind Pension program by waiving certain requirements.

3.20.20 | MO HealthNet (Medicaid) Public Notice & Order.


4.16.20 | Informational Memo from DHSS for Missouri Hospitals on Discharge Planning for Patients

3.23.20 | Hospital to Facility Transfer – COVID-19

PPE Resource Request Process (issued by Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services).

Post-Acute Care and Behavioral Health to Hospital Transfer – COVID-19.

Mental Health

2.26.21 | Disaster Stress Helpline, COVID-19 Information, Missouri Department of Mental Health

3.20 | Department of Mental Health Pandemic Communications Guidebook

Health Care Workers

2.23.21 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test in State-owned Congregate Care Facilities

2.22.21 | State continues to monitor COVID-19 variant viruses

2.19.21 | Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Health Update: Enhancing Public Health Surveillance for Variant SARS-CoV-2 Viruses in Missouri

2.08.21 | Provider Bulletin: Monoclonal Antibody COVID-19 Infusion

1.14.21 | Vaccine Distribution Order – Phase 1A, Phase 1B-Tier 1, & Phase 1B- Tier 2

1.07.21 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test By Licensed Adult Day Care Programs

1.07.21 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test By Local Public Health Agencies

1.07.21 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test By Licensed Long-Term Care Facilities

1.04.21 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test (EMS providers), effective until 06/20/21

12.31.20 | Standing Order for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine (Revised February 18, 2021)

12.31.20 | Standing Order for Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (Revised February 18, 2021)

12.16.20 | Standing Order to Administer BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Test (Schools), effective until 06/30/21

12.14.20 | DSS Provider Bulletin: COVID-19 Vaccine

11.09.20 | Update: Recommended Measures to Limit False Positive Results with COVID-19 Antigen Tests

10.05.20 | Advisory: Recent HIV Clusters and Outbreaks Across the United States Among People Who Inject Drugs and Considerations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

9.01.20 | COVID-19 “What If” Scenarios by the Missouri Dental Association

7.27.20 | Discontinuation of Isolation for Persons with COVID-19

6.03.20 | Antigen Testing for COVID-19

5.20 | COVID-19 Serological Testing Quick Facts From Missouri DHSS

5.20 | COVID-19 PCR Testing Update From Missouri DHSS

5.24.20 | Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) Case Report Forms and Guidance

5.18.20 | Congregate Facility Reporting to DHSS. This resource provides instructions on reporting when a positive PCR test is found on a resident or staff member who was physically at the facility

4.30.20 | Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services Health Update on COVID-19 Testing Expansion and Serology Reporting

4.22.20 | New Criteria to Guide Evaluation and Laboratory Testing for COVID-19 at the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory

4.17.20 | COVID-19 Emergency Guidance for Home and Community Based Services participants for programmatic flexibility in delivery of services

4.17.20 | COVID-19 and Return to Work Messaging – Expanded Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Personnel Involved in the Provision of Direct Client Care

4.10.20 | DHSS Interim Recommendations for PPE Sterilization, Re-use, and Extended Use

4.10.20 | Update: COVID-19 Interim Case Definition and Reporting Information for Healthcare Providers ​​​​​​

4.04.20 | Order on Reporting Death Associated with SARS CoV-2 or Clinically Diagnosed COVID-19

4.02.20 | 2020 MO HealthNet Provider Hot Tips. This resource contains several provider tips related to COVID-19, including private duty nursing, radiology, teledentistry, e-prescribing, and more.

3.28.20 | Testing Available for First Responders and Health Care Workers

3.23.20 | Telehealth Provider Bulletin

Recommendations for Missouri Dental Professionals

Missouri Guidance for Dental Professionals. This guidance is from the Office of Dental Health on providing care to Missourians and protecting patient and provider safety.

Long-Term Care

11.17.20 | Guidance for Long Term Care Facilities and Beauty/Barber Shop Services for Residents

9.22.20 | Guidance for Long Term Care Facilities to Establish Essential Caregiver Programs and to Allow Visits

7.07.20 | Missouri Guidance on Reopening of Long-Term Care Facilities

6.15.20 | Guidance Considerations for Communal Dining and Group Activities

6.15.20 | Guidance Considerations for Long Term Care Facility Visits

6.15.20 | Guidance for Visitations Transitions at Missouri Long-Term Care Facilities

3.20.20 | Guidance on Hospice Care in Long Term Care Facilities

3.20.20 | MO HealthNet (Medicaid) Public Notice & Order

3.17.20 | Guidance on Residents Leaving the Facility (All Long-Term Care Facilities)

3.13.20 | Memo from DHSS to All Missouri Long-Term Care Facilities (regarding COVID-19 response in facilities and visitor restrictions).

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