Eminent Domain & Land Use

Landowners across the United States whose property has been taken by the federal government turn to the experienced attorneys in Lewis Rice’s Federal Takings & Rails to Trails Practice Group to get the compensation they are owed. By proving that a taking occurred and the value of the property taken, these attorneys have secured multi-million-dollar awards for their clients.

Our Services

We represent landowners when their property is seized by the federal government pursuant to the National Trails System Act, which allows abandoned railroad lines to be converted to public parks. These rail-trail conversions are a constitutional taking of private property for public purposes, but under the Fifth Amendment, affected landowners have a right to seek compensation from the federal government.

If your property has been taken for a rail-trail conversion, we will take the following steps to make sure you are fully paid:

  1. File a claim for compensation in the United States Court of Federal Claims.
  2. Gather and examine documents such as maps, deeds and other title records to prove the government took your property.
  3. Determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to if the government is found responsible for taking your property. Compensation includes:
    • Value of the land.
    • Interest that has accrued since the day of the taking.
    • Attorney fees and expenses.

Our Clients

We have represented thousands of people, including farmers, businesses and homeowners from across the country who are entitled to compensation for their property taken by the federal government.

Our Approach

While our cases may include dozens of landowners, we pride ourselves on ensuring that your claim gets the attention it deserves. You can reach us at any time, and we will provide regular updates on all developments in your case.

We value the importance of property rights and understand the negative impact these takings can have. Our attorneys are not afraid to go to trial to make sure you are paid fairly. In fact, we have a strong track record of recovering compensation for landowners nationwide.

Through our contingency fee arrangement, we receive attorney fees only if your case is successful.