Coming Round the Mountain – Preparing Businesses Now to Comply with the Upcoming Colorado Privacy Act


The Colorado Privacy Act is part of the expanding list of comprehensive state privacy laws that will take effect in 2023. Compliance is on the horizon, and the time to begin the process is now. Whether your business will be subject to all of these new state laws or only the Colorado Privacy Act, you have a lot to consider. Can you take a universal approach to compliance? Are there nuances in these laws you need to account for? How does Colorado’s law compare to other state privacy laws? What does compliance with the Colorado Privacy Act look like from start to finish? This webinar will walk you through these questions and more.

In particular, this webinar, hosted by Lexology, will provide participants with the tools necessary to analyze the applicability of the Colorado Privacy Act to their businesses and kick start their compliance efforts. Additionally, this webinar will discuss key compliance considerations, including

  • New rights for Colorado consumers and how to honor these rights in the context of a business’s operations;
  • Required and recommended contents for a business’s privacy policy, contracts with third-party processors, and other policies and procedures; and
  • How the Colorado Privacy Act stacks up against other comprehensive state privacy laws.

This webinar is designed to equip anyone tasked with any portion of their business’s privacy compliance efforts—whether an attorney or other privacy professional—with an understanding of the Colorado Privacy Act and a path forward up the mountain that has formed for privacy compliance in 2023.

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