Data Breach Class Action Defense

Oftentimes, because cybersecurity intrusions can expose the data of hundreds of a company's customers or employees, such data breaches can result in significant class action litigation exposure, either in state court or federal court. Lewis Rice has extensive experience in defending class action cases generally, and we have specific experience in defending cybersecurity and data privacy class action cases. The defense of such cases can include procedural defenses (that might include the removal of such cases from state court to federal district court, challenges to personal jurisdiction where warranted, and consolidation of multiple related class action cases) and substantive attacks on the claims and the damages sought under them. Such claims are often premised on legal theories for breach of contract, tort, invasion of privacy, statutory consumer fraud, equitable recovery, or injunctive relief. Lewis Rice has defended class action claims potentially involving millions of putative class members, arising from personal identifying customer information that was allegedly improperly accessed and stolen by hackers.