City of St. Louis 2019 Aldermanic Primary: Meet the Candidates

January 2019

March 5, 2019 is the primary election for the St. Louis City’s 2019 Aldermanic Election, which is for the President of the Board of Aldermen and the even-numbered wards. The general election will be on April 2, 2019. In order to run in the 2019 Aldermanic Election, candidates had to file by January 4, 2019. They are given below for each seat being contested.

President of the Board of Aldermen

The President of the Board of Aldermen, Lewis Reed (Democrat (D)), is running for re-election. Reed has held the office since 2007. His career in public service for St. Louis City began in 1999, as Alderman for the 6th Ward. Reed has fought for numerous issues, including public safety, where he has worked to implement the Ceasefire Program; the City’s youth, where Reed has garnered additional funding for recreation centers and established a Youth Crime Prevention Fund; and economic development, where he has cosponsored resolutions to support the Smart City Initiative and worked to raise the minimum wage.

Also running for President of the Board are Jamilah Nasheed (D), Megan Ellyia Green (D), Jimmie Matthews (D), and Jerome Bauer (Green Party). Nasheed has been in public service since 2007, as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from the 60th District and as a member of the Missouri Senate from the 5th District. In these positions, she has fought for higher wages, increases in college access for high school students, and solutions to combat gun violence. Green has been Alderwoman for the 15th Ward since October 2014. She is a former St. Louis Public School teacher and is currently pursuing her PhD in Education Policy. Matthews has run for various St. Louis City positions since the 1980s, including Alderman, Recorder of Deeds, and Mayor. He became an alderman in 1985, but he was recalled by voters in 1988. Bauer has also run for various St. Louis City positions, including Alderman for the 28th Ward, Treasurer, and Comptroller. He is affiliated with the Green Party, whereas the other candidates are Democrats.

Ward 2

The 2nd Ward covers north St. Louis along the Mississippi River and includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: Near North Riverfront, College Hill, North Point, Baden, Riverview, and North Riverfront. In recent years, the St. Louis Development Corporation has been working to commercially redevelop and grow the North Riverfront as well as other areas in the 2nd Ward. In the aldermanic election, incumbent Lisa Middlebrook (D) is running for re-election. She has been Alderwoman since November 2017, when Dionne Flowers left her post as Alderwoman after 18 years to become the City Register. Prior to becoming Alderwoman, Middlebrook was the Democratic Committeewoman for the 2nd Ward. Middlebrook’s opponent is Thomas Bradley, a 28-year-old barber who was recently featured in a Kehinde Wiley painting at the St. Louis Art Museum.

Ward 4

The 4th Ward sits between Natural Bridge Avenue to the north and Page Boulevard to the south. It includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: JeffVanderLou, Kingsway East, Lewis Place, the Greater Ville, the Ville, and Vandeventer. The Ward is home to Sumner High School, the first high school for African-American students west of the Mississippi River and the alma mater of many famous alumni, including Tina Turner, Chuck Berry, Arthur Ashe, Dick Gregory, Robert Guillaume, and Margaret Bush Wilson. The Alderman for the 4th Ward, Samuel L. Moore (D), known as “the Brick” by his colleagues, is seeking re-election. He has served as Alderman since 2007, making him the sixth most senior alderman. Moore is the Chair of the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee to the Board of Aldermen and has focused on restoring and developing the 4th Ward. He has worked as a developer, construction manager, and construction consultant throughout St. Louis. Robert Dillard (D), Leroy Carter (D), and Edward McFowland (D) are also running. Dillard previously worked for the St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds. Carter has been the Democratic Committeeman for the 4th Ward since 2016. McFowland has been involved in local politics in a variety of ways, including as Chairman of the Original 4th Ward Democratic Organization and as the Democratic Committeeman for the 4th Ward from 2012 to 2016. He previously ran for St. Louis City Recorder of Deeds and the Missouri House of Representatives.

Ward 6

Ward 6 stretches over all or part of the following neighborhoods: Compton Heights, Downtown West, Fox Park, Lafayette Square, Midtown, Peabody Darst Webbe, the Gate District, and Tower Grove East. The Alderwoman for the 6th Ward, Christina Ingrassia (D), is seeking re-election. She has served since 2013 and she is also the Chair of the Public Utilities Committee to the Board. Ingrassia focuses on minimum wage, bike lanes, and public safety, including the concrete spheres lining many intersections in the 6th Ward. She is also known for the use of participatory budgeting, which allows ward residents to select community development projects.  Cedric Redmon (D), Debra Carnahan (D), Henry Gray (D), and Michael J. Hebron, Sr. (Republican (R)) are also running. Redmon, also known as C-Sharp, is a rapper and youth ambassador for St. Louis City. Carnahan is an attorney, former St. Louis City judge, and spouse of former U. S. Representative Russ Carnahan. Gray is President of the Gate District East Neighborhood Association and a Union Teamster. Hebron is the Vice President of the Gate District East Neighborhood Association and a realtor in the St. Louis area. Hebron is the only candidate affiliated with the Republican Party.

Ward 8

Ward 8 primarily spans the Tower Grove area, covering the Botanical Gardens and most of Tower Grove Park, but also includes parts of the Shaw and Southwest Garden neighborhoods. Annie Rice (D) is the incumbent in the 8th Ward. She won the seat of Alderwoman in a 2018 special election after long time Alderman Steve Conway, the son of former Mayor James Conway, resigned to become the City Assessor. In 2018, Rice ran as an Independent and won with 59.75% of the vote. Upon her election as Alderwoman, Rice was the only Independent on the Board, however, Rice is now running as a Democrat. Previously, Rice served as a Democratic Committeewoman for the 8th Ward and is an immigration attorney. Rice’s opponent is Emmett L. Coleman (D), a member of the Shaw Neighborhood Improvement Association’s Safety Committee. There is a debate between Rice and Coleman scheduled for February 13, 2019.

Ward 10

The 10th Ward covers the Hill, where the Sansone Group recently announced a $40 million residential development project. The 10th Ward also includes all or part of North Hampton, Southwest Garden, and Tower Grove South. Joe Vollmer (D), the fourth most senior alderman going into the election and current Alderman for the 10th Ward, is seeking re-election. He serves as the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee to the Board. Vollmer is also an owner of Milo’s Tavern and Bocce Garden. Vollmer will face Pat Hickey (D), a union pipefitter.

Ward 12

The 12th Ward sits on the outer southwestern boundary of city limits and covers all or part of Boulevard Heights, Carondelet, and Princeton Heights. It is the home of former Mayor Francis Slay. Larry Arnowitz (D), the current Alderman, is seeking re-election in the 12th Ward. He has been the Alderman since 2011, when he upset and defeated the last Republican to serve on the Board, Fred Heitert, who served as Alderman for 32 years. Currently, Arnowitz serves as Chair of the Health and Human Services Committee to the Board of Aldermen. Before taking office, he worked in various St. Louis City offices, including the treasurer’s office, the license collector’s office, the sheriff’s office, the Board of Public Service’s office, the city marshal’s office, the Department of Personnel and the city comptroller’s office. Derrick Neuner (D) and Cassie DeClue (D) are also running. Neuner is Vice President of the Princeton Heights Neighborhood Association and an active member of the 12th Ward Regular Democratic Organization. He works as an athletic trainer. DeClue is an account manager at Gravois Glass, Inc. and has been involved in addressing vacancy issues in St. Louis City.

Ward 14

The 14th Ward includes Bevo Mill, Princeton Heights, and Southampton. The race in the 14th Ward is between incumbent Carol J. Howard (D) and Tony Pecinovsky (D). Howard has been the Alderwoman since winning the seat in a 2010 special election. She also serves as Chair of the Parks and Environment Committee to the Board and she is a former St. Louis Public School teacher and administrator. Pecinovsky is President of the St. Louis Workers’ Education Society. He is active in progressive politics and has been involved in efforts to increase the minimum wage.

Ward 16

The 16th Ward forms part of the southwestern border of St. Louis City limits and includes all or part of the Lindenwood Park, Princeton Heights, Southampton, St. Louis Hills, and Villanova neighborhoods. It is home to Francis Park and the famous Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. Incumbent Thomas Oldenburg (D) is running unopposed in the 16th Ward. Oldenburg has served since April 2017, when former Alderwoman Donna Baringer became a State Representative for the 82nd District. He is also the Vice President of the St. Louis Hills Neighborhood Association and Vice President of Business Development at US Bancorp Community Development Corporation, where has worked since 2007.

Ward 18

Nestled between Page Boulevard and Lindell Boulevard, the 18th Ward includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: Academy, Central West End, Covenant Blu Grand Center, Fountain Park, JeffVanderLous, Kingsway East, Lewis Place, Midtown, and Vandeventer. Current Alderman Terry Kennedy is not seeking re-election and will be the Board of Aldermen’s first African-American clerk. Kennedy is the second most senior alderman on the Board, having served since 1989. He was known for creating the Civilian Oversight Board. Prior to Terry Kennedy serving as Alderman, his father, Samuel Kennedy, held the position for over 20 years. Running for Alderman in this year’s election are Jesse Todd (D), Jeffery Hill Jr. (D), Darryl Gray (D), Judith Arnold (D), and Elmer Otey (D). Todd is the Democratic Committeeman for the 18th Ward. Hill, also known as Dhoruba Shakur, is an activist known for protesting in Ferguson and against President Trump, where he carried an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle. He also organizes open-carry rallies in St. Louis City. Gray is a reverend and a civil rights activist. Arnold is a long time 18th Ward resident and she has worked with the Enright Neighbors Association. She is an urban planner with the St. Louis Association of Community Organizations (SLACO). Otey is the former Democratic Committeeman for the 18th Ward.

Ward 20

The 20th Ward sits in the southeastern section of the City and includes all or parts of the Dutchtown, Gravois Park, Marine Villa, and Mount Pleasant neighborhoods.  Incumbent Cara Spencer (D), who has served since 2015, is running for re-election in the 20th Ward. She is the Executive Director of Consumers Council of Missouri, an advocacy group for issues including predatory loans and health care. Spencer has worked with Alderman for the 9th Ward, Dan Guenther, to develop the Cherokee District, which spans both the 9th and 20th Wards. Spencer is opposed by Satia Hutton (D), also known as Sunni Hutton. Hutton is the Community Development Director at the Dutchtown Community Corporation.

Ward 22

The 22nd Ward forms part of the northwestern border of the City boundaries and includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: Hamilton Heights, Mark Twain 1-70 Industrial, and West End. Incumbent Jeffery L. Boyd (D), the third most senior alderman on the Board, is running for re-election in the 22nd Ward. He has been Alderman since 2003 and also serves as the Chair of the Streets, Traffic and Refuse Committee to the Board of Aldermen. Boyd grew up in the 22nd Ward before starting his career in the army, which spanned 23 years. He is opposed by Tonya Finley-McCaw (D), who worked for Primerica, a financial services company. Her son, Rasheen Aldridge, is the Democratic Committeeman for the 5th Ward.

Ward 24

Ward 24 includes all or part of the following neighborhoods: Cheltenham, Clayton Tamm, Clifton Heights, Ellendale, Franz Park, and Hi Pointe. It is home to Dogtown and its annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The current Alderman for the 24th Ward, Scott Ogilvie, is not seeking re-election. Ogilvie is a competitive cyclist and advocate for public transit. Lorie Cavin (D), Bret Narayan (D), Teri Powers (D), Danny Sample (D), and Tom Bauer (D) are running for the open seat. Cavin is a longtime Dogtown resident. Narayan is an attorney at Narayan Attorneys at Law. He is a member of the St. Louis Young Democrats and formerly served as its Communications Director. Powers is the Democratic Committeewoman for the 24th Ward. Sample is the Democratic Committeeman for the 24th Ward and an activist, a current NEA (National Education Association) union member, and a former Delegate to the Board of Directors of his local NEA. Bauer was formerly 24th Ward Alderman until a 2005 recall. He has since run for the position multiple times. Bauer is an attorney and a former State Representative (1996–1998).

Ward 26

The 26th Ward sits due north of Forest Park and includes all or part of the Academy, DeBaliviere Place, Hamilton Heights, Kingsway West, Skinker DeBaliviere, and West End neighborhoods. It includes the Delmar Loop, with the Loop Trolley running through the ward. The Clay family got their start in politics in the 26th Ward. The Alderman for the 26th Ward, Frank Williamson, is not seeking re-election as he has taken a job in the St. Louis City Treasurer’s office. Leata C. Price-Land (D), Justin Idleburg (D), Amir Brandy (D), Shameem Clark Hubbard (D), and Jacob Banton (D) are vying for the position. Price-Land is an at-large member of the Forest Park Advisory Board. Formerly, she was spokeswoman for Bennice Jones-King’s aldermanic campaign for the 21st Ward. Price-Land is the mother of State Representative Wiley Price, IV. Idleburg is Vice President of the West End Neighbors. He works for Nehemiah’s Mission STL and serves on various boards, including Forward thru Ferguson, Cornerstone LLC, STL Mental Health Board/Systems of Care, and the Community Advisory Regional Health Commission. Brandy is an activist and has worked with the Ferguson Peacekeepers. Hubbard is the former Democratic Committeewoman for the 26th Ward. She is the spouse of former State Representative Rodney Hubbard Jr. and sister-in-law of Tammika Hubbard, Alderwoman for the 5th Ward. Banton is an architect at Mackey Mitchell Architects and a member of the St. Louis Planning Commission. He has volunteered with the Old North St. Louis Restoration Group, and he was part of the FOCUS St. Louis Emerging Leaders Program in 2017.

Ward 28

The 28th Ward covers most of Forest Park and the immediately surrounding neighboords, including all or part of the Central West End, DaBaliviere Place, Hi Pointe, Skinker DeBaliviere, West End, and Wydown Skinker. Incumbent Heather B. Navarro (D) is running unopposed in the 28th Ward. She has held this position since July 2017, when she won in a special election replace current Mayor Lyda Krewson. Navarro is the Executive Director of the Missouri Coalition for the Environment. Before joining the Missouri Coalition for the Environment, she was a civil rights attorney.

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