Lewis Rice has extensive experience representing physicians and other medical providers in various medical-related cases, and is national trial counsel for one of the country’s largest and leading national clinical reference laboratories. Our firm is responsible for all clinical and anatomic pathology-related lawsuits filed against the lab throughout the United States. We act as lead counsel, responsible for directing all of the lab’s defenses, up through and including trial, working directly with, and reporting to the lab’s in-house Director of Litigation.

At any one time, Lewis Rice will be lead counsel in cases pending throughout the United States, including Missouri, Illinois, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, New York, and New Jersey. These cases primarily allege medical-related negligence or malpractice. A team of Lewis Rice attorneys experienced in medical negligence cases assists in defending these lawsuits. We take the lead on all aspects of the litigation, including developing defense strategies, preparing all pleadings, handling all discovery, including depositions of witnesses, defending company representatives at deposition, retaining defense experts, and acting as lead trial counsel.

We have extensive experience in retaining medical experts from around the country in various specialties to defend the actions of the lab and its employees, and maintain an on-going defense expert database. We also maintain relationships with experienced defense counsel around the country to assist us as local counsel in these cases.