Enthusiastic Commitment

I will move mountains for my clients, and I am enthusiastic about giving them exceptional service.

My guiding principles are pretty simple. I live and breathe them every day.


My clients know that I care about them, their business, and their families. They know that, day or night, they can reach me and I will deliver - no matter the issue.


I feel fortunate to have built such strong relationships in this community, and they are the very foundation of my practice. I show that appreciation with unwavering loyalty to my clients. It is my privilege to act as an advocate for my clients, and I proactively protect their interests.

Confidentiality & Discretion

My clients can tell me anything. As their lawyer, my duty is to keep privileged information confidential. My clients can trust that I will take special care to be discreet with their sensitive information.

A Creative Approach

I have a creative, out-of-the-box approach to problem solving that allows me and my team to provide sophisticated legal counsel and tailored solutions at great value to my clients.


I love what I do. I love when my clients bring me their really big, really complex problems. I assemble my best team here at the Firm, and we get to work. The opportunity to dig deep and achieve the best possible outcome for my clients is what I love most about being an attorney.