Student-Athlete Support Services

Lewis Rice helps our clients focus on what matters most to any successful athletic department: the health, safety, wellness and productive development of its student-athletes. We will conduct a 360-degree evaluation of four critical areas of your operations:

  • Sports medicine and athletic training risk analysis: The training room often faces significant legal risk that can be avoided with strong policies, procedures, guidelines and the appropriate personnel. We will review all policies, procedures and current staff within the sports medicine department to develop a risk mitigation strategy.
  • Mental health support: The intense and escalating pressure that college student-athletes face today can lead to mental health issues. To end the stigma behind mental health and bring awareness to the forefront, our advisors will conduct a full-scale assessment of the current mental health support services offered. We will develop revised standards as necessary based on industry best practices to maximize support for the mental well-being of student-athletes.
  • Student-athlete leadership and development: Institutions and athletic departments should aid in the professional and personal growth of student-athletes. Our advisers will assess your current student-athlete life skills programming as well as your leadership and development opportunities. Based on our review, we will provide recommendations to enhance this critical area.
  • Culture and experience: Employee engagement aligns with and impacts the culture of an organization and the student-athlete experience. We will administer and conduct an evaluation of your department’s culture, its level of engagement, and the experience of student-athletes. Then we will present our findings and provide recommendations to enhance culture and experience.