Sarah is committed to meeting each client's dynamic and unique needs, and this is certainly the case with her immigration clients. She strives to achieve creative solutions for each client while minimizing the inconvenience and delay that are often thought to be associated with immigration filings. Sarah and her team are not an immigration "shop" that churns out thousands of filings with no individualized thought or attention. Rather, she and her small team take the time to understand each client's circumstances and goals, so that she can work to achieve efficient and optimal results. Indeed, since launching in 2000, the Immigration Practice Group has a better than 99% success rate across all immigration filings.

Sarah's immigration clients include businesses of all sizes and from a range of industries, including multinational companies (with foreign affiliates), hospitals, medical practices, institutions of higher education, public school districts and private schools, manufacturing entities, engineering companies, startups, IT companies, staffing companies, religious organizations, and other non-profits, to name a few. Likewise, she and her team have provided thoughtful, measured, and specialized advice to foreign nationals and their families as they explore and secure temporary or permanent status for eligible family members in the United States. Additionally, she and the immigration team regularly counsel permanent residents as they apply for citizenship.

Case Studies

Immigration Benefits for Foreign National Employees

A local tech start-up approached Sarah when it identified a front-end web application developer it wanted to employ. Start-ups and tech companies are often the subject of strict U.S. government scrutiny when they seek immigration benefits for their foreign national employees. Nevertheless, Sarah helped the start-up successfully file for H-1B status on behalf of the employee. When the employee became an integral part of the growing start-up's success, Sarah helped the company navigate the sometimes complicated employment-based green card process. With Sarah's help, the company avoided the expense of government audits and additional requests for evidence, and the company's green card application on behalf of its key employee was approved expeditiously.

R-1 Religious Worker Petitions, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), and Special Immigrant Religious Worker Status

Sarah works regularly with an international Christian church headquartered in St. Louis. She has helped this Church secure temporary, and then permanent resident status, for a minister and missionary from Liberia who has helped the growing church serve its burgeoning African immigrant church members. Sarah filed multiple R-1 religious worker petitions on behalf of the Minister, and she also counseled through filing for temporary protected status (TPS) and, ultimately, helped the church file for Special Immigrant Religious Worker status (Form I-360) on his behalf. Sarah's work has helped this Minister continue his important spiritual work for the church over several years, and it has allowed the Minister to remain in the U.S. during a time of health crisis in Liberia.