Workshop 20 | Mixed-Use Developments: Putting the Puzzle Together Today; Providing Flexibility to Rearrange Tomorrow

ICSC+U.S. LAW (International Council of Shopping Centers Law Conference)

While mixed-used developments come in a variety of shapes and sizes (a multi-block new urbanism development, a vertical high-rise development or a repurposed regional mall), the challenges are often similar: how to integrate uses that may have competing interests or conflicting needs, how to provide a framework for each use to be successful and how to equitably allocate project related operating expenses.

This workshop explored declaration, governance and dispute resolution issues, parking challenges, equitable allocation schemes for CAM, insurance and taxes, operational issues, compatibility of uses and relevance of traditional shopping center provisions, such as exclusives, use prohibitions, parking ratios, co-tenancy and hours of operation. In addition, this workshop will touch on lender issues unique to mixed-use developments.

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Mark's practice encompasses all aspects of real estate development, with an emphasis in theatre, retail, office, warehouse, and medical office leasing for both landlords and tenants. He is familiar with the competing interests of developers, lenders, and occupants in mixed use urban and suburban developments, lifestyle/entertainment centers, regional malls, power centers, neighborhood centers, and industrial/warehouse parks.