The Post-Ferguson Social and Legal Reverberations: Has Five Years Changed the Social Justice Trajectory?

July 16, 2019Athens Institute for Education and Research’s 16th Annual International Conference on Law

Ron Norwood, along with his wife, Washington University School of Law Professor Kimberly Norwood, presented at the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) 16th Annual International Conference on Law. ATINER is an independent world member-based association of academics and researchers that organizes and hosts conferences and symposiums since its establishment in 1995. Ron and Kim presented on legislative and judicial reforms as a result of the August 2014 events in Ferguson, Missouri. 

Ron's wide-ranging practice includes representing national and regional banks, mortgage companies, and other financial institutions in a myriad of commercial and tort litigation matters. He represents health insurers, health maintenance organizations, and health care providers in health care litigation disputes and represents manufacturers in product liability litigation, consumer fraud claims, and disputes arising under the Uniform Commercial Code.