Edward M. Tjaden Shares His Passion for Working with Other Veterans in Veterans News Report and Riverbender

Veterans News Report, Riverbender

Lewis Rice associate Edward M. Tjaden published "Formative Military Service Inspires Rewarding Career in Estate Planning for Veterans" in Veterans News Report on December 12, 2020 and was interviewed by Riverbender reporter Peter Hagenlocher on December 13. Ed practices in Lewis Rice’s estate planning department.

In the article and interview, Ed shares his story of joining the military and his passion for working with veterans post-medical retirement. Ed believes that, by helping other veterans, he not only continues the comradery shared throughout one's military service, but also that he can help in the transition to civilian life. In the Riverbender article, Ed notes his goal to “give every veteran and every person that comes to see me peace of mind about their future so that there’s one less thing on their plate.”

As a veteran and an estate planning attorney, Ed is uniquely qualified to assist other veterans with their estate planning needs. “Since becoming an estate planning attorney, I’ve realized many people don’t fully understand the benefits and retirement aspects of the military." Ed says in the Riverbender interview. "Many people retire from military service around 40 years old, which is just the beginning of their journey back in the real world.” Ed works with veterans and their families to build a custom estate plan uniquely tailored to them.

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Ed is an associate practicing in the Estate Planning & Probate Department of Lewis Rice. Ed's practice focuses on developing and implementing tax and estate plans for individuals and families. He advises clients on wills, trusts, administration of trusts and estates, preparation of gift and estate tax returns, antenuptial agreements, and asset protection. Ed served as the night shift Operations Non-Commissioned Officer for a Brigade ADAM/BAE Unit in the United States Army for 15 months before he medically retired.