Representative Construction Matters

Dispute Resolution of Matters Related to the Construction Process

  • Represented contractor in bringing claims against commercial building owner for payment due as part of design and demolition work provided for tenant improvements.
  • Represented power company in dispute with its general contractor related to the failure to complete installation of utility poles for project in Illinois.
  • Represented and prosecuted claims on behalf of local university against its general contractor related to the contractor's failure to pay subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Representation of steel erector in litigation in federal court against steel supplier on claims arising from delays and defects in steel delivered for project in the Northern Yukon.
  • Represented and defended environmental contractor in litigation against its consultant hired to provide a design for remediation of methane gas at a local industrial logistics center.
  • Represented the developer and owner of a student apartment complex in St. Louis City at trial in lawsuit brought by the framing and siding subcontractor who was asserting mechanic's liens and other payment claims against the general contractor.
  • Represented and prosecuted claims in litigation on behalf of homeowners against their design-builder related to defective installation of stone veneer and hardscaping for house at the Lake of the Ozarks.
  • Represented and prosecuted claims on behalf of supplier of piping products in litigation in St. Louis County against the guarantor of a purchaser that failed to pay.
  • Represented general contractor in litigation in St. Louis County against school district as to dispute involving adequacy of district's design documents and related delay claims.
  • Represented homeowner in St. Louis County in arbitration against home builder to prosecute claims for overbilling.
  • Represented mechanical engineer in personal injury lawsuit brought by an individual who fell through a metal grate over sewer drain at a local hospital.
  • Represented supplier of heat recovery steam generators in dispute against steel fabricator with respect to design of structural components used for project in Oregon.
  • Represented commercial building owner in litigation against adjoining building owner to assert claims for nuisance related to damages and potential injuries that could arise from dilapidated condition of the adjoining building.
  • Represented and prosecuted claims for breach of contract and breach of warranty on behalf of piping contractor against an Illinois municipality and its engineer related to damages arising out of a failed sewer line diversion.
  • Represented and prosecuted claims in federal court on behalf of fabricator of process and power piping systems against multinational corporation that provided guaranty for payment of product supplied for a biomass-to-ethanol refinery in Kansas.
  • Represented building owner in St. Louis County that leases its space to a beauty salon in arbitration with respect claims for defective workmanship by roofing contractor.
  • Represented excavation contractor in action to enforce mechanic's lien to secure payment for work performed as part of development of large commercial business center.
  • Represented homeowners association in litigation in Lincoln County, Missouri against subdivision developer and its engineer related to defects as to the waste water treatment facility servicing the subdivision.

Dispute Resolution of Other Matters For Construction Clients

  • Represented manufacturer of heavy equipment in dispute with its shipping broker related to fraud committed by broker's agent.
  • Represented and defended roofing contractor in litigation in Miller County, Missouri against its former project manager related to compensation due following manager's termination.
  • Represented chemical manufacturing company in prosecuting claims for breach of contract and vexatious refusal to pay under a cost cap remediation guaranty insurance policy related to the cleanup of contaminated groundwater at its former industrial facility in California.

Transactional Matters

  • Represented developer in drafting and negotiating master services agreements with various design professionals for future commercial developments.
  • Represented contractor that installs inflatable air structures with respect to the drafting of template construction contracts for future projects.
  • Represented construction manager in drafting an agreement with an owner for renovations and additions to a distribution facility in Tennessee.
  • Represented general contractor in drafting master services agreement with a health care system for future improvements to hospital and physician facilities.
  • Represented local municipality in St. Louis County in drafting and negotiating a construction contract for improvements to its city hall.
  • Represented nonprofit servicing prominent local public park in the drafting of agreements for the design of improvements to the park.
  • Represented owner of industrial plant in drafting a contract for installation of a new roof for its chemical processing plant.
  • Represented industrial owner in drafting and negotiating design-build contract for the expansion of its metal coating plant in Illinois.
  • Represented owner of local nonprofit in drafting contract with its construction manager for the expansion of its building.
  • Represented developer in the drafting and negotiation of a contract with its construction manager for the building of an apartment complex in the St. Louis City.