Sonette T. Magnus Appointed Canada’s Honorary Consul Based in St. Louis

Lewis Rice is pleased to share that Lewis Rice member Sonette T. Magnus has been appointed as Canada's new Honorary Consul based in St. Louis. In this role, Sonette will work to advance trade between Missouri and Canada in strategic areas including agriculture, goods, services and energy. A native of Toronto, Sonette was appointed by Canadian Consul General in Chicago John Cruickshank, and she will serve a three-year term.

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Sonette counsels corporate clients through all phases of commercial litigation, including pre-suit evaluations, discovery, mediation, expert witness preparation, trial preparation and when advisable, trial. She represents clients in courts throughout the State and Federal Courts in United States. Sonette also practices in the Governmental Solutions and Administrative Law Department, where her experience includes implementing practical strategies to achieve business results and influencing public policy in the greater St. Louis area.