Sarah E. Mullen Discusses Marijuana Legalization in Missouri with KSDK Reporter Brent Solomon

Lewis Rice member Sarah E. Mullen spoke with KSDK reporter Brent Solomon on the implications for Missouri's Amendment 3 in the workplace. Missouri Amendment 3 legalizes recreational marijuana in the State and makes several significant changes to the State’s existing medical marijuana laws. In the interview, Sarah corroborates that marijuana can still be prohibited in the workplace, and that workers can't be under the influence at work. She also discusses certain hiring practices that may need to be revisited by employers.

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As a labor and employment counselor, Sarah works with her clients to take steps to avoid litigation by drafting and modifying employee policies, implementing effective hiring and employee evaluation practices, and evaluating workforce reduction programs for compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) requirements and other statutory obligations. She also encourages her clients to take a proactive approach to addressing potential workplace liability.