Our Commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: A Statement to Everyone at Lewis Rice

A compounding problem of working remotely is the inability to discuss difficult topics in person. The tragic death of George Floyd, captured in horrific detail on video, is another traumatic event that exposes deep, unhealed wounds in our society. That murder is another reminder that there is much racial injustice and inequality in our world. Our nation continues to struggle with deep division, and it is truly heartbreaking. Lewis Rice has a diverse founding, a commitment to equality, and we will continue to condemn racism, bigotry, and injustice in all of its terrible forms.   

As lawyers, we look for concrete ways we can address actions and support one another now, and into the future. Please speak up and listen to your colleagues; do not shy away from what may be considered uncomfortable conversations. Having these conversations can bring us closer. The burden of addressing hurtful conduct should not rest on the people who are most affected. We will continue these conversations in our upcoming training on the impact of bias and racism, postponed earlier by the pandemic. Have confidence the firm supports, and will expand our support of, organizations dedicated to fighting inequality and supporting justice. Support the needs of those less fortunate with your individual actions, including increased pro bono commitments with firm support.

These actions are not the end of the conversation. We know many are really hurting. If anyone wants support or to have a conversation, reach out to any one of us, or any member of the management committee. We will support people as best we can.

Thomas C. Erb, Firm Chairman     

Richard B. Walsh, Jr., Firm Vice Chairman     

Ronald A. Norwood, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

Jami L. Boyles, Chief Administrative Officer