Government Agrees to Compensate 18 Landowners in Legacy Trail Rail-to-Trail Cases

Lewis Rice members Lindsay S. C. Brinton and Meghan S. Largent represent 18 landowners in two cases relating to the Legacy Trail in Sarasota, Florida. For these 18 claims, the government has confirmed it will compensate the landowners, so the claims will proceed to the appraisal phase to determine how much is owed to each of them. This is a major development in confirming the government's constitutional obligation to pay these landowners, and this is the first case in which the government has made this agreement for this portion of the Legacy Trail. Lindsay and Meghan's clients are the first to move forward to the appraisal phase in these cases.

To read the joint stipulations filed on December 6, 2019, click under "Resources" below.

Lindsay and Meghan's primary focus is representing landowners across the country to pursue their Fifth Amendment Takings claims against the federal government. These clients’ claims arose from a conversion of their property under the federal National Trails System Act.