Benjamin J. Siders Publishes Chapter in ABA’s Legal Guide to Video Game Development, Second Edition

Benjamin J. Siders published a chapter in the second edition of the American Bar Association's Legal Guide to Video Game Development. The handbook details the legal morass of producing a video game, from inception through publication. Each chapter explains one legal aspect of video game production. Ben's chapter focuses on licensing third party intellectual property, open source software, and special considerations with advertising and the First Amendment.

Ben practices in intellectual property and technology licensing and compliance, with a focus on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups develop and protect their IP assets. A former software engineer himself, he puts his development background to work by providing cost-effective representation to software and computer technology companies.Ben enjoys a niche practice working with video and board game clients, and has worked on a variety of gaming products including fantasy sports, board games, mobile device games, and publishing services. He also co-authored the first edition of Legal Guide to Video Game Development.

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