Compassion, Confidentiality & Competence

Estate planning is very personal, and Bo cares deeply about her clients and their families. She brings a high level of compassion, confidentiality, and competence to her work with clients. As Co-Chair of the Estate Planning Department, she leads with these guiding principles to ensure that each member of her team takes the same skilled and caring approach.


Bo approaches her work with a great deal of compassion. She understands that each client faces critical decisions affecting not just the client and their family, but future generations as well. She builds strong and lasting relationships with her clients, allowing her to understand her clients and their families' evolving needs.


The very nature of estate planning is personal, and Bo's clients value her integrity and discretion. They trust that she keeps their personal matters confidential.


Years of experience and deep understanding of the tax code make Bo a competent and reliable source for legal advice and representation for high-net-worth persons and families, including those owning private companies.