Guiding Principles

Three important tenants guide my law practice: passion, dedication, and creativity. 


I love my job, and I feel fortunate to represent landowners across the country vindicating their constitutional rights. When the government takes your property, they should tell you and offer you just compensation. But, in most cases, they don't have to. Thus it is my passion to not only inform landowners of their constitutional rights, but to vindicate those rights so landowners receive the just compensation owed to them.


I am dedicated to making sure each of my clients recovers the maximum award of just compensation. I love meeting with clients to learn more about their property and their concerns regarding the rail-trail conversion. Although I can't prevent the taking, I can help ensure my clients receive the maximum award of just compensation.


Each day I strive to find creative ways to solve my clients claims. With my clients in mind, I'm always thinking of the most efficient way to recover the maximum award of just compensation for the government's taking. Here at Lewis Rice, we have an excellent team of attorneys, paralegals, and assistants who help me achieve these goals.