Startup Challenge

Kirk has served as a first-round judge for the $50,000 Startup Challenge competition since 2013.

  • 2015 winner: MagBiosense
  • 2014 winner: Nanopore Diagnostics
  • 2013 winner: Juristat


StartLouis is a grassroots community of bootstrappers, solopreneurs, and startup enthusiasts, whose mission is to bring St. Louis entrepreneurs together for learning and collaboration. The organization provides monthly meet-up events with presentations, Q&A sessions with accomplished, local CEOs (and mayors), and opportunities to network and hear from other members of the startup community. As a Champion Sponsor of StartLouis, Lewis Rice and Kirk attend the monthly meet-up and provide a legal perspective to individuals interested in beginning new businesses or growing their young companies.

Startup Connection

Kirk was honored to be selected as one of three judges to give away his firm's inaugural $2,500 cash prize in 2014 to one startup involved in the massive Startup Connection showcase of St. Louis innovation.

  • 2015 winner: Trendly
  • 2014 winner: Champio


Kirk was honored to be selected as one of two judges in the 2014 Build4STL Hackathon. This local hackathon was part of the inaugural National Day of Civic Hacking, a nationwide event to improve communities across the United States.

  • 2014 winner: DonateSTL


Kirk is active on many crowdfunding sites, helping to supply initial capital for companies both locally and worldwide. He has pledged money to over 100 campaigns, for everything from art installations, books, movies, games, consumer products, and food trucks, to private space suits, satellites, and walking giant robots. Kirk always strives to make sure that his contributions are of a meaningful amount and move the campaign toward its goals.

If you want to see what Kirk is currently supporting, you can just follow his Twitter feed, where he posts notices when he supports a campaign.