Municipal, Zoning & Finance

John is involved in many legal matters that are presented to municipalities, fire districts, state and local bonding authorities, and other governmental bodies. He has a wealth of experience with labor law, contractual issues, environmental issues, pension issues, zoning, and traditional litigation cases.

With respect to finance/banking matters, in addition to assisting cities in the issuance of their general obligation bonds, John represents one of the largest issuers of tax-exempt revenue bonds in Missouri. The proceeds of these revenue bonds are loaned to municipalities, water and sewer districts, and privately owned utilities to finance projects that facilitate maintaining a clean environment. John is also called upon to review, from a legal standpoint, statewide environmental studies, and then prepare interagency agreements to coordinate implementation by various state agencies.

John counsels municipal governing boards, planning and zoning commissions, and other administrative bodies on the various issues that are presented to him. He also serves as the prosecuting attorney for a number of municipalities.