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Lindsay S. C. Brinton and Meghan S. Largent Secure $7.4M in Compensation for Clients in Greensboro, North Carolina

Lewis Rice Rails to Trails attorneys Lindsay S. C. Brinton and Meghan S. Largent recently secured millions of dollars in compensation for their clients who owned property along the Downtown Greenway trail, formerly the Atlantic & Yadkin railroad. Lindsay explained to News & Record that if a landowner wants to be paid the just compensation they are owed for the taking of their land, he or she must first file a claim for compensation by suing the federal government. Lindsay also notes that the deadline to file a claim is in October 2025 for those Greensboro landowners along the Atlantic & Yadkin trail. So far, eight landowners were awarded amounts ranging from nearly $42,000 to $3.3 million, totaling more than $7.4 million.

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Lewis Rice's federal takings attorneys represent landowners throughout the United States pursuing takings claims against the federal government. One primary focus of the group is representing landowners in what is commonly referred to as rails to trails takings. Attorneys in this group litigate cases in the United States Court of Federal Claims on behalf of those whose property was taken by the federal government pursuant to the National Trails System Act, which authorizes abandoned railroad lines to be converted to public parks. The goal is to obtain compensation from the government for the taking of their land for the public recreational trail.