How to Draft LLC Operating Agreements

Virtual presentation hosted by National Business Institute

Drafting an airtight LLC operating agreement is the best way to protect your client from future disputes and costly litigation. This program will provide you with a better understanding of key issues that should be taken into consideration when drawing up agreement documents. Our expert faculty will detail the crucial provisions that need to be included to ensure a favorable outcome in settlement or court if member conflicts arise.

  • Review the types of LLCs, member duties and responsibilities, and other basic agreement guidelines.
  • Draft provisions that define the management structure and provide a mechanism for dispute resolution.
  • Consider various options for tax entity selection.
  • Handle member events such as retirement, divorce, disability and death.
  • Learn how to modify, restructure and update an existing operating agreement.
  • Explore common ethical issues that may arise, including conflicts of interest and confidentiality issues.

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