This Just in: St. Louis City Aldermanic Primary Election Results

March 2019

In St. Louis City’s Aldermanic primary election, which was held on March 5, 2019, 42 Democratic candidates ran for their party’s nomination for 15 positions, which included President of the Board of Aldermen and Alderman in the even-numbered wards (for a discussion of all the candidates, see our January alert). Because only the race for the 6th Ward included a non-Democratic candidate, most of the primary winners will run unopposed for the general election on April 2, 2019.

There was an almost 18% turnout for the primary election. Incumbents ran for re-election in all but three of the races and every incumbent came out on top. Current President of the Board of Aldermen, Lewis Reed, won with approximately 36% of the vote, outlasting competition from Megan Ellyia Green, current Alderwoman for the 15th Ward, and State Senator Jamilah Nasheed, who raised the most money among the candidates for President.  Incumbents Lisa Middlebrook (Ward 2), Samuel Moore (Ward 4), Annie Rice (Ward 8), Joe Vollmer (Ward 10), Larry Arnowitz (Ward 12), Carol Howard (Ward 14), Cara Spencer (Ward 20), and Jeffery Boyd (Ward 22) all held off opponents to maintain their current positions as Alderman or Alderwoman. Incumbent Christine Ingrassia (Ward 6) won the Democratic nomination with 44% of the vote, and she will face off against Republican nominee, Michael Hebron, in the general election. In Wards 16 and 28, incumbents Thomas Oldenburg and Heather Navarro, respectively, ran unopposed.

There were three races for open seats: the 18th, 24th, and 26th Wards. In a five-person race for the 18th Ward, Jesse Todd came away victorious with approximately 39% of the vote. Todd is the current Democratic Committeeman for the 18th Ward. In another five-person race, Bret Narayan prevailed for Alderman of the 24th Ward, coming away with approximately 56% of the vote. Narayan is an attorney at Narayan Attorneys at Law, located in Clayton. Lastly, in the 26th Ward, Shameem Clark Hubbard outpaced other contenders and won with approximately 37% of the vote. Hubbard is the former Democratic Committeewoman for the 26th Ward and spouse of former State Representative Rodney Hubbard Jr. Hubbard will join her sister-in-law, Tammika Hubbard, current Alderwoman for the 5th Ward, on the Board of Aldermen.

A copy of the unofficial election results from St. Louis City is available here. Lewis Rice Government Solutions & Administrative Law attorneys work with a wide range of elected and appointed decision-makers as they navigate major policy issues. We regularly represent clients' interests before executive departments, legislative committees, administrative agencies, and local government bodies. If you have specific questions on the 2019 Aldermanic Election, please contact David Sweeney, Sonette Magnus, or Melissa Powers.