Asbestos, Silica, Diacetyl, Benzene

Corey has significant experience defending clients in all matter of toxic tort, product liability, and negligence cases in courts around the country. But lawsuits involving asbestos, silica, diacetyl, benzene, and other allegedly toxic chemicals pending in St. Louis, Madison County, St. Clair County, and the Southern District of Illinois warrant specific attention because of the cottage industry that has developed over these types of cases in the region.

Lewis Rice LLC is situated in the center of one of the nation’s hotbeds for personal injury litigation. We maintain offices just steps away from the courthouses in the City of St. Louis and in Madison County, Illinois and are in close proximity to St. Clair County, Illinois and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. We also regularly appear in cases pending in Cook County, Illinois and McClain County. For various reasons, these courts have historically seen a large caseload of lawsuits claiming injuries from pharmaceutical drugs and exposure to asbestos, silica, diacetyl (so called “popcorn lung”), benzene, PCBs, and a host of other products and chemicals.

Corey has served as national coordinating counsel, trial counsel, and local counsel for an array of defendants in these lawsuits, ranging from corporate defendants fighting several hundred cases to out-of-state and local companies facing their first (and hopefully last) lawsuit in these unique areas of litigation.

New defendants with no history of being sued in these types of cases continue to be named almost daily – even though they may be only peripherally associated with the product or the exposures alleged by the plaintiffs. For example, nearly 7,000 individual corporate entities have been named as defendants in asbestos litigation alone as plaintiffs’ attorneys continue their search for viable defendants. To the surprise of many, these lawsuits are expected to continue for several decades and the entities getting wrapped up in the litigation will continue to grow.

Companies both new to these types of lawsuits and experienced defendants alike can quickly get overwhelmed or caught off-guard with the fast-paced, high volume litigation, filed by a small group of local and national plaintiffs’ firms. Corey has successfully guided his clients through the maze of this litigation, both in St. Louis and in various other litigation hotbeds across the country, since starting at Lewis Rice.