Technology Company in Need of Expedited Bankruptcy Relief

John Hall has served as lead counsel for debtors seeking to reorganize under chapter 11, including a technology company in need of expedited relief in bankruptcy and facing the threat of seizure of all of its assets. John obtained confirmation of a reorganization plan that allowed the company to continue in business and maintain its employees, all in the face of sustained and vigorous opposition. (The bankruptcy court’s confirmation of the plan is reported at In re STC Inc., Case No. 14-41014, 2016 WL 3884799 (Bankr. S.D. Ill. April 7, 2016)). The plan confirmation has been cited in multiple journals for its creativity and use of complex principles to preserve a company while treating creditors fairly. See ABI Journal, “Cramdown for Unsecured Creditors: Since When Does “Best Interests” Mean Less Interest?” (DiCastri and Greenawald, May 2018); Plan Proponent, “Application of Till v. SCS Credit Corp. to Unsecured Creditors” (Bury, D., May 2016).