Bridget knows how to advocate for her clients and does it with zeal. As early as law school, however, she expressed an interest in finding ways to help companies and individuals resolve their own disputes, outside of court, if the circumstances were right. Bridget published an article on the topic during her second year of law school titled The Draft Uniform Mediation Act: Can it Clear up the Clutter (2000). It was awarded the Best Student Work in Volume 44 of the law school's premiere publication, the Saint Louis University Law Journal. The article has been cited numerous times in other scholarly texts for its insight into mediation techniques and tactics.

When she graduated from law school, Bridget was anxious to serve as a Mediator. She knew then, however, that first-hand experience in the trenches of civil litigation was necessary to give her perspective and earn her the respect of those bringing their disputes to her for her assistance and guidance. She is now at that place in her career, having litigated and tried numerous cases in Missouri and around the Country. Bridget is certified by the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri as a Mediator of federal disputes. Bridget will roll up her sleeves alongside mediating parties to find creative, and favorable, terms upon which parties agree to end litigation that often distracts them from their core businesses.