Diversity Advocate and Community Servant

Bridget is an advocate of diversity. She believes that you can only promote diversity if you understand it, and that you can only understand it if you live it.

While serving in the U.S. military early in her adulthood, Bridget was stationed for two years on Terceira Island in the Azores archipelago of Portugal. There was no better place to learn the value of different perspectives, experiences, races, genders, ages, and religious affiliations coming together to serve a common goal. Not only were her Air Force colleagues from all over the United States and with differing socio-economic and educational backgrounds, but they participated in a joint mission at Lajes Field with three other branches of the American military, and they worked directly with Portuguese civilian and military personnel. It was a true melting pot.

Now, in the legal profession, Bridget uses those experiences to proactively promote legal diversity. She assists the firm's Proactive Outreach Program ("POP"), which attempts to expose minority youth to the opportunities of a legal career. For example, during the 2013-2014 school year, Bridget tutored weekly an eighth grade student at Yeatman-Liddell middle school in the City of St. Louis. She and the student met during what would have otherwise been the student's physical education and free hours to practice vocabulary, work on literature homework, and talk about the student's goals and aspirations. The student graduated middle school and was accepted to Soldan High, a great accomplishment.

Bridget also advocates for gender equality to improve the retention and promotion of women in the legal profession both within and outside the Firm. She serves on the Board of the local women's bar association and also mentors women by sharing her story of finding success at both the office and in the home through temporary use of the Firm's reduced hours program while she was a rising associate attorney and her children were young. Today, she is proud to have stayed the course and enjoys both her brisk business life and active family.