Information Technology

Before becoming an attorney, Ben enjoyed a career as a software developer in the telecommunications, health care, and financial sectors. In his IT career, he specialized in client/server architectures on Unix and Linux platforms, developing primarily in what are now considered mid-level programming languages, such as C, C++, and Perl. Ben worked for various enterprises in the St. Louis area on projects ranging from digital publishing to radiotherapy planning software for oncological treatments. His software background led him to specialize in information technology and intellectual property law.

A "trilingual" lawyer (fluent in tech jargon, legalese, and plain English), Ben puts his software background to work for his clients. Developing network-capable software in languages like C and C++ requires a deep technical understanding of how computers and networks operate. Patent clients benefit from Ben's experience because he can quickly identify and understand the inventive components of software innovations, and efficiently and accurately translate technical terms into patent language.

Additionally, Ben draws from his IT background in other practice areas. By understanding how software is written and used, he ensures that his clients acquire suitable use rights in software licenses. Ben also works with clients on compliance reviews and audits, applying the complex license schemes commonly found in enterprise licensing agreements to new service delivery models. By understanding how computers work, he can quickly identify potential compliance gaps and opportunities for reduction in usage, which can yield in considerable cost savings.