Tax Practice

Apollo has significant tax planning experience, including providing clients with research, advice, and recommendations regarding the tax implications of their proposed business transactions. His tax controversy experience includes providing advice and solutions to clients dealing with property tax disputes and litigation, income tax disputes (corporate and individual), estate/gift tax disputes, withholding tax disputes (trust fund tax liability), sales/use tax disputes, and general representation of clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state Departments of Revenue. Apollo's tax practice also extends into employee benefits law, where he counsels clients exclusively on the creation and implementation of qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation plans such as Top Hat Plans, Phantom Stock Plans, Employee Bonus Plans, Incentive Stock Options (ISO), etc. He uses his tax experience and advice to help his clients recruit, retain, and reward key employees while maintaining compliance with tax provisions (such as 409(A)), avoiding burdensome tax penalties, and avoiding ERISA compliance (to the extent possible).