Associate Development Q&A

Why is the Associate Development Committee integral to the success of Lewis Rice?

There is a lot of competition for talented attorneys. New associates expect to receive quality professional development opportunities early in their careers. It is important for the firm to provide new associates with access to senior attorneys both inside and outside the office, formal and informal mentorship programs, and comprehensive training. We strive to retain our associates and help them advance within the firm, with the ultimate goal being that every associate becomes a partner here. Our dedicated committee facilitates these goals.

Why did you choose to get involved with the Associate Development Committee?

I have previously served as a member of both the Associate Development Committee and the Recruiting Committee. I have always valued cultivating relationships with attorneys at all levels within the firm, and I believe it is essential for creating a workplace environment where our attorneys want to stay as they progress in their careers. It is an honor to serve as chair of this committee, and I look forward to bringing some exciting new ideas to the role.

What are your goals as chair?

First, I want to understand from each new associate their expectations of the Committee as well as their ideas for how we can enrich their experiences at Lewis Rice. These conversations will allow the committee to plan the most meaningful and impactful activities.

Another goal of mine is to create more customized, long-form training for new attorneys, specific to practice area, which would include a toolkit of resources for their practices, as well as preparation for the various situations and problems they may encounter throughout their careers.

Is mentorship a part of Associate Development programing?

Yes, the firm has two well-established mentoring programs that I intend to continue – a peer mentoring program and a more formal mentoring program involving more senior career mentors. Through the peer mentoring program, new associates are paired with a peer mentor to whom they can turn for simpler questions about the firm. The formal mentoring program pairs associates with senior attorneys for hands-on training and more long-term career advice and guidance. Our goal with these programs is to facilitate relationships (and friendships!) among our attorneys and provide opportunities for more in-person observational opportunities and trainings.

Why should senior attorneys invest their time in the committee and attend committee activities?

Our new associates are the future of the firm. Becoming a mentor, providing training and/or observational opportunities, and attending social events are some ways that our senior attorneys can demonstrate that they are invested in our future. Providing the training and mentorship that will help associates be successful here is another way the seasoned attorneys can help new associates and thereby lift up the firm.