Since 2007, Al has provided strategic planning and problem solving support to new and established business owners. Over his career, his clients have expanded into new ventures in a variety of industries and locations, and he has continued to be an active member of St. Louis's blossoming startup community. The fast-moving nature of technology startups makes responsiveness and efficiency essential elements of any startup representation, so Al's wide range of transactional experience allows him to add value to startup owners at all levels of development. The insights he brings to other companies doing business with startups provide novel and effective solutions to the problems commonly encountered in the startup world.


StartLouis is a grassroots community of bootstrappers, solopreneurs, and startup enthusiasts whose mission is to bring St. Louis entrepreneurs together for learning and collaboration. The organization provides monthly meet-up events with presentations, Q&A sessions with accomplished, local CEOs (and mayors), and opportunities to network with and hear from other members of the startup community. As a Champion Sponsor of StartLouis, Lewis Rice provides a legal perspective to individuals interested in beginning new businesses or growing their young companies, and Al has been honored with several invitations to present to the group on his areas of experience.

Startup Connection

Al has been honored to be selected twice as one of three judges to present a $2,500 cash prize given by Lewis Rice, first in 2014 and again in 2015, to a startup involved in the massive Startup Connection showcase of St. Louis innovation.